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Can I use custom exemption reasons in CertCapture with Avalara Avatax?


I want to create a custom exemption reason in CertCapture and have it calculate based on rules I made in AvaTax.





  • Custom exemption reasons in CertCapture are not able to be used to exempt customers in AvaTax unless you contact Support to have them associated with one of our standard reasons
    • For example: You have a custom exemption reason "Applesauce", which is for grocery retailers, it is a type of Resale exemption
    • Contact Support to request your custom reason Applesauce to be treated like Resale when sending the certificates to AvaTax (we will use Entity Use Code G - Resale)
  • Once we have linked your exemption to one of our standard exemptions, you can create rules for the standard exemption reason entity use code, and the rules will be applied to all transactions exempt with that code (that meet the rule requirements, if any)
    • The rules will affect not only exemptions with your custom reason, but also any other exemption associated with that entity use code
    • In the above example, both the Applesauce and Resale exemptions would use entity use code G, so rules created for Applesauce would also be applied to Resale.


Note: Your rule has a particular entity use code, all exemptions applied with that entity use code could have the rule applied, not just the ones that use your custom exemption reason. We suggest requesting an exemption reason (entity use code) you do not use otherwise. Typically our customers choose a reason that would not be applicable for their industry, so it would only be used with these special customers, thus ensuring the special rules would only be applied to special customers.