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Where may I see all returns Avalara offers to file?


You use the Avalara Returns product and would like to know which returns Avalara could file for you


Avalara Returns


  • Please have an Admin user log into the Admin Console
    • Navigate to Tax Returns tab > Filling Calendars section
    • Click Select a Form
  • On the Select a Form page, select a State/Province and review the list under Form Name
  • If you do not see the return you are looking for, please reach out to your Customer Account Manager or contact Support.
    • Please provide the following information:
      • State
      • Return Name
      • Tax Type (Sales Tax, Use Tax, WA B&O tax, etc)
        • Avalara only files Sales, Retailers/Sellers/Vendors Use and Consumers Use related taxes.
        • We do not file Corporation tax, Withholding tax, Chicago Lease tax, Chicago Amusement Tax, etc.
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