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Does Avalara File Washington B & O Tax?


You need to know if Avalara files Washington B&OHoverTT.png tax returns.


Avalara Returns


  • Avalara calculates and remits state B&O tax based on taxable and non-taxable Washington sales listed on your liability worksheet.
    • Please review How is the Business and Occupation amount on the WA liability worksheet calculated for more information on how those figures are added to your WA worksheet.
    • If you have special B&O reporting requirements that are different from our default calculation, please contact
      • It is possible you may need to provide us a B&O breakdown of sales and/or tax, for each filing period depending on the complexity.
      • For example
        • If you require Services be calculated instead of Wholesale, we can make this manual adjustment each filing period.
        • If you require Services and Wholesale to be calculated, this would require you to provide a B&O breakdown each period.
  • To add a Washington state return, go to the Manage Filing Calendars page in the Admin Console.
    • The WA MultiPurpose Sales form is for non SST subscribers
    • The WA B&O Combined Excise form is for SST subscribers
    • State B&O tax will be included on each of these forms, unless you tell us otherwise
  • If your company is required to file a local B&O return, contact your Customer Account Manager (CAM) to discuss Avalara's Premium Returns Service. Or you can use an alternative solution such as filing in-house.

Next steps

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