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What numbers/amounts do I need to report to MyLodgeTax?


You would like to know what numbers/amounts to report in your MyLodgeTax webpage.




  • When it's time to report revenue, please log into your MyLodgeTax webpage and click the orange button to go to the Rental Revenue Reporting page.
  • You will see time period that you should be reporting revenue for.
  • In the "Nights Rented" field, please enter the number of nights your property was rented for the reporting period.
  • In the "Rental Revenue" field, please enter the total revenue that your guests were taxed upon for the reporting period.  This should include the rent plus any additional mandatory fees, such as the cleaning fee. 
    • For example, if your nightly rate is $100 and cleaning fees $50 and a guest stays 5 nights, you would report $550 
    • You can report your taxable revenue only (rent + fees) or your total revenue (taxable revenue + taxes collected from your guests).  If you would like to report Total Revenue including tax, please make sure to click the "Revenue includes tax" checkbox to the right of the "Rental Revenue" field.