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Vrbo Integration FAQs


Avalara MyLodgeTax customers in select tax jurisdictions can now link their MyLodgeTax account to Vrbo so bookings and revenue data for your property will be automatically synced each month. We’re rolling this functionality out in new tax jurisdictions each month and you’ll receive a notification from both Vrbo and Avalara when your property is eligible to be connected.




The MyLodgeTax customer support team is here to support you through integrating your MyLodgeTax and Vrbo accounts.  Read below to find commonly asked questions about linking your accounts, or you may call the MyLodgeTax customer support team at (877) 418-5477 for additional support. 


Q: How does integrating MyLodgeTax with Vrbo change my reporting process each month?

A: When you integrate your MyLodgeTax and Vrbo accounts, Vrbo will automatically send your bookings revenue and data to MyLodgeTax each month so we're able to prepare and file your lodging tax returns. This means you'll no longer have to manually report your Vrbo revenue, saving you precious time to spend on other things. You'll still be able to review, edit, and approve any data Vrbo sends us, as well as add additional revenue earned from other sources besides Vrbo.


Q: What needs to be done so I can connect my MyLodgeTax account to my Vrbo account?

A: To connect your MyLodgeTax and Vrbo accounts for automated tax reporting, please complete the following steps:

  1. Please make sure that the email you use for Avalara MyLodgeTax matches the email that is setup on your Vrbo account. This can be done by logging into your MyLodgeTax account, clicking on your Profile, selecting Phone and Email and adding your Vrbo email address as your primary email address into the MyLodgeTax system. Once added, please contact Vrbo directly and ask them to re-send a link to start the automated reporting.
    • If your MyLodgeTax email already matches the email you’re using for your Vrbo account, please see Step Two.  
  2. See the Vrbo Integration - Linking and Connecting Properties for Revenue by Marketplace reporting and Vrbo integration FAQ  connect your Vrbo property to your MyLodgeTax property for integrated Vrbo reporting.

Q: Once I'm set up for Vrbo integration, when will the first report be automatically sent over from Vrbo?

A: Vrbo will send your revenue transactions to us on the first of the month following your account linking for all active properties. For example, if you link your active properties in June, Vrbo will send us your June bookings revenue on July 1 for June lodging tax to be filed.

If your accounts are linked but a property is not active on the MyLodgeTax site, Vrbo will not send revenue transactions until the month after the activation month.  For example, if your accounts are linked in June, and the property becomes active on the MyLodgeTax site in July, Vrbo will send revenue transactions to us for the first time on August 1 for July lodging tax to be filed.  


Q: When will Vrbo report my revenue to MyLodgeTax?

A: Vrbo will transmit your previous month bookings revenue to MyLodgeTax on the first day of each month by 5am PST.  If you need to review or edit your revenue, please wait until the transactions have been posted to your MyLodgeTax account after 5am PST.


Q: What if I disagree with the revenue figures Vrbo submitted. Am I able to edit this report?

A: After Vrbo has sent revenue, you can edit the revenue by clicking on Edit Revenue Transactions on your Rental Revenue Reporting page.


Q: What happens if I don't log in to approve my tax returns?

A: We'll auto-confirm the bookings information sent by Vrbo on the 10th day of the month, even if you don't log in to approve the data.

If you're listing your rental property somewhere other than Vrbo, you will need to log into your MyLodgeTax account by the 10th of each month to report revenue for non-Vrbo bookings in order for your tax returns to be filed accurately.


Q: What if I also use other booking platforms in addition to Vrbo, or make Direct Bookings?  How do I report revnue from different sources?

A: You will still be able to log into the Report Revenue page of your MyLodgeTax website each month between the 1st and the 10th of the month to report any revenue earned through Direct Bookings or other platforms such as Airbnb.  Please see the How do I report revenue into the MyLodgeTax website with the new Revenue by Marketplace feature FAQ for more information about reporting revenue into your MyLodgeTAx website.


Q: Vrbo is now collecting tax that changes my tax remittance liabilities. Will this be updated on the MyLodgeTax page?

A: Yes. The MyLodgeTax system tracks which taxes Vrbo collects and pays on behalf of their hosts and which you're still responsible for.  Vrbo will only send us the tax data you are responsible for to be included on your lodging tax returns.


Q: I have multiple properties in the same tax jurisdiction. Am I able to integrate all of my properties for Vrbo reporting?

A: At present, our integration with Vrbo will be able to support up to five properties. We ask that if you have over five properties in an eligible tax jurisdiction, please integrate only five properties into our system and manually report Vrbo revenue reports for any remaining properties. If you have a question regarding your property or how to report your Vrbo income, please call the MyLodgeTax Support Center at (877) 418-5477 Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm Mountain Time for help.


Q: I have multiple properties in different taxing jurisdictions. Am I able to integrate multiple properties in these different areas for Vrbo reporting?

A: As of now you can only link your accounts in select tax jurisdictions across the United States. We’re rolling this functionality out in new tax jurisdictions each month and you’ll receive a notification from both Vrbo and Avalara when additional property is eligible to be connected. If you have a question regarding your property, please call the MyLodgeTax Support Center at (877) 418-5477 Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm Mountain time for help.


Q: What if I get an error message while trying to get the Vrbo integration set up?

A: Please call the MyLodgeTax Support Center at (877) 418-5477 Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm Mountain time for help.