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Support: Product Support Pricing Policy


In general, Product Support does not answer questions relating to pricing, discounts, up charges, etc. Given that MyLodge is less of a technical product, some concessions have been made to allow for the customer to be served, while still holding to the standard policy. 




  • Phone
    • If a customer calls in requesting information on prices, it is acceptable to tell them you can "Send them the price sheet." You should not answer specific pricing questions.
    • Transfer the phone call T2 support in Denver to handle further questions and to handle the process once a decision has been made by the customer. 
    • Close the case with a comment indicating you've sent to it to T2 for pricing considerations. 
  • Email
    • You may email them the price sheet document. You should not answer specific pricing questions. 

In any case, if a customer inquires about something that could be a charge, such as an amendment, send the price sheet and close the case. If the customer is specific in what they want, forward the case to Tier 2. 

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