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Support: Evolve Customers and Discounted Monthly Subscriptions


I have an Evolve Customer asking for us to apply the reduced rate for their MyLodge service


MyLodge Tax


  • Evolve has an agreement with Avalara MyLodge in that we give their customers a reduced rate of $15 for their monthly subscription for ONE YEAR (from their start date). 
  • If you have an Evolve customer requesting the reduced price for their subscription, please forward their email to
  • It's good practice to first review the customer's MyLodge subscription by finding the property in question and clicking on the hyperlink underneath "Owner Setup" (furthest right of the page).
  • Here you will see if a) they're an Evolve customer, which it should say in the "Source" field and b) if they're already receiving the discounted rate which displays under "Fees"
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