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Report revenue for MLT Pro customers

Instructions for reporting revenue for Pro customers in Avalara MyLodgeTax.

Report revenue

To report revenue, follow the instructions:

  1. Log onto your MyLodgeTax account at
  2. From Taxes, click Report revenue to open the Upload revenue page.
  3. From the Upload revenue page, click Rental revenue template to download the spreadsheet template.

    Upload revenue.jpg
  4. Open the downloaded spreadsheet template file in Microsoft Excel.
  5. Click Enable Editing to populate the file with your revenue data.
    You should at least populate PropertyID, PropertyName, Marketplace, and RentalRevenue columns.

    Rental Revenue Template.png
  6. Save the updated spreadsheet template file.
    Note: If you require additional information on the requirements of revenue data upload, click here.
  7. On the Upload revenue page, click Choose file to browse the updated file or drag and drop the updated file in the designated area.

    Drag and drop area.png
  8. Once the file is uploaded successfully, the file name is displayed and the Next button is enabled.
    Upload successful.png
  9. Click Next to open the Review revenue page displaying the revenue data.

    Review revenue.png
  10. Click Expand all to view the details for each property.

    Expanded Details.png
    You can filter a property using Property ID, Property name, or Jurisdiction.
  11. Enter a property ID in the Property ID field and click Apply to view the property details.
  12. Optionally, you can change the Rental revenue details. In the below example, the revenue is changed from 1000 to 5000.

    Filtered Propery.png
  13. Optionally, check Revenue Includes Tax, If the revenue amount you entered includes the tax collected from your guest.
  14. Click Save to save the revenue details.
  15. Click Next. The Tax summary page opens with the tax details.

    Tax Summary.png
  16. On the Tax summary page, review and verify the tax details.
  17. Click Pay now. This initiates a withdrawal from your bank account.
  • Funds are withdrawn from your bank account within three business days.
  • A receipt is emailed to you with the details of your tax payment for the period.

Note: If you don’t click Pay now, your revenue is not submitted. You can leave your reporting page in saved status and return to complete reporting at a later date. Any saved revenue details are automatically submitted at 5 pm Mountain Time on the 10th of the month and funds, if any, are withdrawn from your bank account within three business days.

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