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MyLodgeTax fees


You would like to know the fees charged by MyLodgeTax.





Avalara MyLodgeTax Fees  
Account Fees - RBO  
Monthly Subscription Fee $27 per property
One-time Licensing Fee $60 per property
Account Fees - Commercial (6+ properties)  Please contact Avalara MyLodgeTax for Commercial pricing
License Renewal Fee  
License Renewal Fee $10 per renewal (if applicable)
Adjustment between the 10th and the 13th $50 if we are notified before or on the 10th
Additional fee for adjustment if paid on credit card 3% credit card processing fee (charged on tax due + adjustment fee)
License Expediting  
Requests 1st - 15th $75
Requests 16th - 31st $100
Requests 1st - 10th (Current reporting period) $200
Misc Customer Service Fees  
Copy of Tax Return Filed $5 per return
MyLodge Support adding a property  $25 per property
Amended returns $150 each
Late returns/Back Tax $150 each
Voluntary Compliance $300 per jurisdiction filed
Returned item fee (NSF, wrong acct or routing #) $10 per occurrence