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I use Evolve to list my property. How do I report revenue into the MyLodgeTax website?


You would like to know how to report Evolve revenue into the MyLodgeTax Rental Revenue Reporting page




All revenue figures to assist with your MyLodgeTax Rental Revenue Reporting obligations can be found on your Evolve account. Please consider contacting their Customer Support Center to obtain a summary of the booking and sales tax handled by their platform site, if necessary.

  • Determine which bookings you are required to report on based on the filing period asked by the MyLodgeTax system. Filter and update these bookings accordingly on your Evolve report.
  • Next, login to your MyLodgeTax account at and go to the 'Report Revenue' option from your dashboard.
  • You will now be prompted to provide three pieces of information for Direct Bookings, Airbnb and Homeaway/Vrbo:
    • Nights Rented
    • Rental Revenue
    • Revenue Includes Tax?
  • To accurately determine these reports, please consider the following: 
    • Direct Bookings and Homeaway/Vrbo
      • Report all Homeaway/Vrbo bookings on the Direct Bookings line.   Vrbo does not collect tax on Evolve bookings because Evolve is classified as an "Integrated Property Manager" by Vrbo.  Please report 0.00 on the Homeaway/Vrbo line if it is displayed. If it would help you to remember to not report Vrbo bookings on the Vrbo line, we can remove the Vrbo line for you.  Please email with this request.
    • Airbnb
      • Report all Airbnb bookings on the Airbnb line.  You should be able to determine Airbnb bookings in your Evolve report.
  • Determine the number of nights rented and input this into the applicable field(s). 
  • To determine the rental revenue, please consider that these taxable transactions are based on the total gross amounts that the guest paid rather than what you received as a payout. Add all revenue totals charged to the guest including the total rental rates plus any mandatory charges (such as a cleaning fee, admin fee, or third-party marketing fee). Any questions about fee structures charged for your guests should be reviewed with Evolve Vacation Rentals if you have any additional questions. 
  • If you have chosen to add the tax into the summary total of Rental Revenue, please check the box that says 'Revenue Includes Tax' so that our system can calculate this into the equation so that the tax percentage does not charge tax on the tax remittance total. 
  • If your rental property is located in an area where Evolve is remitting the tax on your behalf, but the tax jurisdiction still requires the taxpayer to remit tax returns, please report the revenue as Exempt on the Direct Bookings line.  Please see the How do I report exempt revenue into the MyLodgeTax website? FAQ as well as the What jurisdictions require property owners to report Airbnb or VRBO revenue as exempt? FAQ for more information on this topic.
  • Lastly, please click 'Save and Review' to review the summary page to see the tax rates our system has calculated based on the figures provided. If you need to make any changes, click "Edit" to make those changes.  Once you are satisfied with this report, please click 'Pay now' and our system will charge the tax totals. 

If you come across any outstanding issues, please email us at and one of our agents will be able to assist you within the following business day. 

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