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I missed the reporting deadline. How can I report revenue after the 10th of the month?


You missed the reporting deadline and would like to know how to report your revenue.




  • The reporting period is open for our customers to report revenue into their until MyLodgeTax Report Revenue page until 5pm Mountain time on the 10th of the month to ensure we have time to generate and prepare returns by the filing deadline.
  • If you missed the reporting deadline, it is possible that we already filed a $0 return on your behalf. We will need to look at your returns and let you know if we can adjust your reported revenue or if we would need to amend the returns that have already been filed.
  • Please complete our Adjustment Form and email it to us at no later than the 13th of the month at 12:00 pm Mountain time, indicating on the form the following for each property and booking platform: 
    • Number of nights rented
    • Rental revenue
    • Does rental revenue include tax?
  • We will review your account and let you know your options.
  • Please check this Help Center Article to see the fees involved in adjusting your revenue after the 10th of the month.
  • If we have already filed your return(s), we can amend them for our amended return fee, or you may choose to add the missed revenue to your next revenue reporting.