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I had a long-term renter. Do I need to report that revenue? How do I report that revenue?


You would like to know how to report long-term tax-exempt revenue.




Every jurisdiction defines long-term rentals differently; refer to the tax rate email that you received from Avalara MyLodgeTax when you began your service with us in order to determine the definition of long-term in your jurisdiction.

  • To report exempt revenue during the open reporting period, follow these instructions:

    • On the Rental Revenue Reporting page, click the "I have exempt revenue to report" box at the top of the page

    • "Exempt Nights" and "Exempt Revenue" columns will display

    • In the "Nights Rented" field, enter the total number of nights rented (including taxable nights AND exempt nights)

    • In the "Rental Revenue" field, enter the total revenue (including taxable revenue AND exempt revenue)

    • In the "Exempt Nights" field, enter the number of exempt nights

    • In the "Exempt Revenue" column, enter the exempt revenue

    • "Taxable Revenue" will automatically be calculated as "Rental Revenue" minus "Exempt Revenue"

    • Click “Continue”

    • Review the details of the tax due and click Edit Revenue to make any necessary changes

    • Click "Pay Now” to complete the transaction.  If you don’t click "Pay Now", your revenue will not be submitted 

  • Please note that once you click "I have exempt revenue to report", the "Revenue includes tax" check box is not available.  If you are reporting exempt revenue, you will need to report total revenue not including tax (i.e., taxable revenue)