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How do I change my bank account for Avalara MyLodgeTax?


Instructions for changing a bank account linked to your property in Avalara MyLodgeTax.


Avalara MyLodgeTax



Change the bank account for Avalara MyLodgeTax by following the below steps:

  1. Log onto your MyLodgeTax account at
  2. Hover over Your Account, on the top right corner.
  3. From the drop-down menu, click Subscription to open the Property Subscriptions page.
  4. On the Property Subscriptions page: 
  • In Property Search, enter the property detail to search.
  • From Filter by Status, select the appropriate status for the property.
  1. For the property that needs updated bank account information, click the Sales & Lodging Tax Subscription link. The Subscription Detail page opens.
  2. Under the Preferences section:
  • To change to an already entered account, from the Existing Account drop-down list, select the new account.
  • To add a new account:
    1. Select New Account.
    2. Enter all the details.
  1. Click Save to save the details.

    Repeat these steps for each property where you need to update the bank account information.

Note: Change in bank account information is effective immediately, but the bank account information must be updated BEFORE you report revenue, for the current month’s taxes to be deducted from the new/updated account.

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