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How do I add a new property to Avalara MyLodgeTax?


Instructions for adding new properties to Avalara MyLodgeTax. 


Avalara MyLodgeTax


Add a new property to Avalara MyLodgeTax by following the below steps:

  1. Log onto your MyLodgeTax account at
  2. Hover over the Properties menu, click Add New Property to open the Add New Property page.

Adding new properties to Avalara MyLodgeTax requires additional setup fees and monthly subscriptions for each new property.

  1. From Bank Account Payment:
  • Under Existing Account, select an existing account.
  • Select New Account and add the required information.
  • Click Save to save the details.
  1. Click Pay Now to agree to pay the charges.
    The next page opens displaying the new property ID and fields to add additional information for the newly added property.
  2. Enter the following information:
  • Rental address:

  1. In Property Nickname, enter a property name.
  2. Under Address, click Enter Address Manually to open the address details.
  3. Enter the address details.
  4. Click Save to save the details. 
  • Rental ownership: 

  1. Select One or more SSN's (or ITIN's for non-US residents) or A FEIN for an entity (i.e. LLC Trust, etc.).
  2. Enter the ownership details accordingly.
  3. Click Save to save the details.
  • Approval:

  1. Click the link to review and sign the document. The document uses digital signatures. This authorizes us to file your returns in the state where your property is located.
  2. After digitally signing the document, submit the POA.
    Avalara reverts to the signed power of attorney within three business days.
  • License information:

  1. Under Local Contract, add the details of a local contact who can be reached in case of emergency in the property (a person that handles repairs and maintenance).
  2. Under Additional Information, enter the additional details about the property. 
  3. For Do you have any licenses for this rental property?, select Yes or No. 
  • If Yes, please email a copy of the lodging license to  
  • If No, the Avalara MyLodgeTax team applies and requests the appropriate lodging licenses and permits. This process takes a minimum of 30 days 
  1. Click Save to save the details.
  • Marketplace information:

  1. Select the desired marketplaces where you wish to rent your property.
  2. Click Save to save the details.

Once your information is completed, the MyLodgeTax team researches the property address to assign the tax rate and apply for the necessary lodging licenses and permits for your property. This information is contained in a welcome letter with the filing start date information. The welcome letter is emailed to you within 3 business days.

Any Questions regarding additional properties in MyLodgeTax can be sent to  


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