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How do I add a new property on the MyLodgeTax webpage?


I need to add a new property but am not sure how to do that. 


MyLodge Tax


  1. Log into your MyLodge account

  2. Go to Properties>Add New Property

  3. Click “Pay Now” to agree to the setup fee and monthly subscription fee to use the MyLodge service

  4. Enter in a Property Nickname and Rental Address and click Save

  5. Next, Download the POA form

  6. Enter in your Rental Ownership information and click Save

  7. Next, click Yes or No for whether or not you already have license information

At this point your property is in our system!


Next Steps:

Complete the POA form and send it

We will be researching your property address in order to apply the correct sales tax rate and then send you a welcome letter with those details.

We will assign you a filing start date the month following your signup date in order to give our Licensing team enough time to apply for/retrieve your licenses. 

For additional questions, please contact us at

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