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Can I put my Avalara MyLodgeTax account on hold if I will not have renters in the near future?


You would like to know if you can put your Avalara MyLodgeTax account on hold while you are not renting your property.




  • We are not able to put an account on hold because while there are active tax accounts open, the tax jurisdictions will still expect periodic tax filings.  Here are your options:
    • You can cancel your Avalara MyLodge Tax account and have us cancel your licenses and tax accounts.  Once you start renting again and decide you would like us to help you out with your tax filings, you would add your property/properties back to your account and we would re-apply for your licenses and tax accounts.  Please keep in mind that some jurisdictions are becoming stricter on the number of licenses and permits they are granting and we cannot promise that you would be able to obtain a short-term rental permit or license once you have cancelled your existing license.
    • You can cancel your Avalara MyLodgeTax account, keep your license and tax accounts active, and file the periodic returns on your own.  Once you start renting again, you can sign back up for our services and we can take over the tax filing where you left off.
    • You can keep your Avalara MyLodgeTax account active and have us continue to file your returns, even if there is no revenue to report.  For the $27 monthly subscription fee we will continue to file your returns to keep you from becoming delinquent with the tax jurisdictions, keep you updated regarding any filing frequency or tax rate changes, and continue to work with you on renewing any expiring licenses.
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