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What duty rate types does Avalara LandedCost support?


You want to know the duty rate types for landed cost are supported by Avalara.




  • Ad valorem - % of product value; Today, for 43 of 100 Q3 strategic countries (and an additional 19 non-strategic opportunistically captured) Avalara has the content for every single HTS code (typically 45,000+ codes per country). To be clear Avalara has 100% of the content for these countries to be able, when our engine is capable, to calculate the correct landed cost off of a provided HTS code. 
  • Specific or per unit - duty rate is assessed as a flat charge per each unit or specific unit of measure
  • To complete the calculation there are some instances where our tax engine must make changes to API inputs to provide accurate landed cost calculations.

  • Compound - ad valorem and specific types combined (Example - Compound Duty Rate)
  • Complicated - rate is presented as text referencing specific regulatory info (Example - Complicated Duty Rate)