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Setting up your marketplaces with Avalara Extractor for Shopify


Avalara has recently made updates to Avalara Extractor for Shopify and will be releasing a new version on January 6, 2022. This update will bring in transactions from marketplace(s) integrated with your Shopify store in addition to the transactions created on Shopify only.

If you’re a seller on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, and similar marketplaces, you’ll be required to disable your existing extractor and configure a new extractor. Use the calendar date from which you’d want to pull in the transactions aggregated from marketplaces integrated or connected with your Shopify store.

See the instructions below to configure your new extractor.


Step 1: Find the sales channel IDs in your store 

  1. Log in to your store, and select Orders > Filter by > App. (1, 2, and 3 in the image below.)
  2. Under Select value, select the channels where your orders are coming from.  (4 in the image below.)
  3.  As you select your channels, in the URL, you will see sales channel IDs appear. (5 in the image below.)You will use these IDs in step 2.


Step 2:  Use the sales channel IDs in Avalara Extractor for Shopify

  1. Log in to your AvaTax account and go to the Shopify page. This is the page you will see after January 6, 2022. Select Confirm.
  2.  On the Choose connection details page, choose the dates. Then select Next.
  3. On the Provide marketplace information page, select your marketplaces and then select Provide unique IDs for selected marketplaces. This example uses Amazon.
  4. Go back to your store web page and copy the appropriate sales channel ID from the URL (see Step 1: Find the sales channel numbers in your store.) Paste it into the appropriate Marketplace field (s). Then select Next.

  5. Add your store URL in the Shopify Store URL field and select Connect store.
  6.  You will see this page when your store connection is complete.