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ACTION NEEDED: Updated version of the Extractor for NetSuite SuiteTax goes on September 12, 2022

What is happening

An updated version of the Extractor for NetSuite SuiteTax goes live on September 12, 2022. Customers must take action to ensure that their data continues to flow to our Avalara Returns solution.

What you need to do

Update to the new version of the Avalara Extractor for NetSuite SuiteTax.

  1. Sign in to your Avalara Account.
  2. Go to Transaction Repair and fix any transactions before proceeding.
  3. Once you’ve resolved all issues in Transaction Repair, pause and disable your old extractor connection.
  4. Note the date last updated. Configure the updated version of the extractor for the following day.  
    • If you enter a date prior to the date last updated in the new version, you could pull in duplicate transactions.

    • To pull in historical data, select a start date of up to three months prior. If you pull in historic data and have already extracted that period, you’ll need to void duplicate transactions.

  5. Connect the extractor by finding the NetSuite SuiteTax tile under the Discover new integrations in the Add Extractors section.
  6. Follow the instructions linked in the extractor setup to install the Avalara Integration Record bundle, get the new configuration keys, and trigger a fresh data extraction.

    • During this setup, use the next day after the date last updated you noted in step 4.

    • NOTE: The Avalara Integration Record bundle is in the NetSuite SuiteApp store and is linked within the setup for the extractor. The Integration Record is a new requirement from NetSuite to include additional security for integrations.