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I uploaded my Geo file quite a while ago, but I still don't see a result file. What's wrong?


You uploaded a file to be processed and are waiting for a results file.


Geo for Communications Standard

Geo for Communications Pro


  • The most likely reasons you are not seeing results are:
    • Incorrect filename format
    • Incorrect format of the data contained in the file
  • The filename must be in the correct format for the system to process it. For example, for an address file for company ABC and receipt of a file on February 17, 2014, the filename would be ABC02172014AA.txt 
  • Use extension .txt for address files and .ltl for latitude/longitude files. (Note: This information applies to Geo for Communications Standard only. If you are using Geo Batch, use a .csv file).
  • See the Avalara for Communications Product User Manual for information about formatting data in the file for both addresses and latitude/longitude data.
  • If after verifying that your file is both formatted and named correctly you are still having problems, contact Avalara Communications Support.