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I’m connected to the AFC Geo FTP server, but I cannot view the contents of my directory. What do I do?

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Geo SaaS Standard will be disabled on March 31, 2020. All customers using Geo SaaS Standard will need to switch to the new Geo Batch API endpoints on or before 3/31/2020. See the migration guide for additional information.


You are having difficulty viewing the contents of your FTP directory.


Geo for Communications Standard


  • If you’re unable to change directories, or if you are unable to list the contents of your transfer directory or transfer files to/from the FTP server, you are most likely being denied access to the AFC Geo SaaS Standard server by a firewall or proxy server. 
  • Contact your network administrator or Internet service provider and ask them to reserve the address block of as trusted addresses for the Geo FTP server.