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Can I geocode a P.O. Box number?


You want to know whether Geo for Communications can geocode a Post Office (P.O.) Box number.


Geo for Communications Pro

Geo for Communications Standard


  • No. The use of a Post Office (P.O.) Box for tax determination geocoding is not recommended or supported, as PO Boxes are not considered acceptable by tax jurisdictions for tax situsing purposes. For example, StreetAddress ‘PO Box 100’ or ‘P.O. Box 58912’ will not be geocoded.  
  • Zip codes which are associated with a PO Box are not recommended for situsing because they represent the physical location of the PO Box, not of the situs of the actual transaction.
  • Use of workarounds to circumvent AFC Geo PO Box validation rules is strongly discouraged, as invalid results will be returned for tax determination purposes.
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