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How do you communicate with the states on our behalf?


You want to know how Avalara communicates with the states you are filing in.


Returns for Communications


  • Avalara is a service provider who can work on your behalf through a Power of Attorney (POA). We obtain the data from you, complete the necessary returns, print checks, and mail the returns/checks to the proper jurisdiction.  
  • Avalara does not function as the Registered Agent because that normally requires having a presence in each jurisdiction and state. We will be considered an agent for filing purposes and can normally address the issues with the jurisdictions with proper authorization (i.e., Power of Attorney).
  • Most states will require a POA instead of the Letter of Authorization. We have a general POA as part of the contract, but some states require that their own forms be used and might require an officer's signature on those forms.
  • Some states will send filing papers to your  corporate office and others are sent to the filing office (Avalara). It depends on how you have your mailing databases setup. This has proven to be fairly easy to coordinate.
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