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Why is Avalara filing the Colorado DR-0100 for Outlets when I scheduled the Dr-0100?


Customer scheduled the DR-0100 but notices that we have changed the form to the DR-0100 For Outlets. Customer thinks we are filing the CO return incorrectly because they did not schedule "For Outlets" form



The DR-0100 for Outlets form is actually an internal form we use to file electronically for the DR-0100. It's named "for Outlets" because, prior to Wayfair, it was to be the form we used to file only for multi-location users in CO. After Wayfair, CO changed the law to require all filers to report multiple locations. More information can be found here:

However, since the form name is internal only, the state still sees it reported as the DR-0100 so you are still in compliance. The form name cannot be changed as we need to preserve historical data.

If you truly need us to file the DR-0100, we can do that but we will only be able to paper file all the taxes to a single location.

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