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What is an acceptable amount of latency for a GetTax request in Production Avalara Avatax?


We're nearing the end of our test phase and would like to know what kind of latency we should expect as acceptable in production Avalara Avatax for a standard GetTax request.


Avalara Avatax


  • For Production specifically 100ms is the ideal latency for handling time of a GetTax request once the request has reached our engine.

  • This can range up to 300ms to be considered acceptable.

  • Note that this can change, as an example if your invoice contains 15000 lines each with their own address information etc then the latency will of course be much greater than that of a request for an invoice with only two addresses and a single line.

  • This is specific to Production. We have no SLA for latency within sandbox due to the nature of the purpose for that enviornment.

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