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What is Avalara's Load Testing Policy?


You would like to know what Avalara's Load Testing policy is.


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  • Avalara requires a minimum of five days' advance notice of any load testing against the sandbox environment. Customers may not load test to the extent denied by Avalara.  If a customer begins load testing in violation of this policy, the customer's account will be immediately suspended per Avalara's terms and conditions.

  • Avalara reserves the right to deny or amend a customer's request to load test the service.

  • Load testing can only be done between 5:00 pm Pacific and 5:00 am Pacific, for a maximum of 12 hours per instance.

  • Load testing is never permitted against the production environment.

Notice of intent to load test

To provide notice of intent to load test, send an email to with this required information:

  • Email Subject line: NOC: Traffic increase for <customer name> sandbox
  • Customer Name: xx
  • AvaTax Account number: xx
  • Adapter Version (SOAP, Rest v1, Rest v2): xx
  • Date and Time the escalated request will start (Pacific Time): xx
  • Date and Time the escalated request will end (Pacific Time): xx
  • Expected tps volume (Max request per second): xx
  • Name, email, and phone number for a member of your team who will be reachable during these times: