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What if no one in the company has admin access to Avalara products?


You need access to an Avalara product, but the user with admin access has left the company.

Or, your user role needs to be changed but the individuals listed as Admin Users have left your company.

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Reset the password for an existing admin user on the login page, the email will go directly to their email address

  • Your IT department should be able to provide the message to you so you can access the account directly
  • This will only work if your company uses internally hosted email
  • If your IT department is unable to assist with obtaining the email to gain access to the account, please submit a case to Support.
  • To submit a case to our Support team, please fill out this online form:


To gain access to another user's account:

  • Please submit a case to Support with your request.

    To submit a case to our Support team, please fill out this online form:

    • Support will then work with you to collect a letter with your company letterhead AND that contains the title of your C - level Executive and their signature.
    • The letter must also include the full company title and contact information of the requestor
  • In the letter, please have an explanation of the situation and a detailed request of which admin user you would like the email address changed from and to.
    • This will give a user access to change the password on the admin account, log in and make any necessary user changes, including creating a new admin user.
  • The request should look similar to the following:
    • Please change the email address of (admin user) to (new user’s email address) in our (name of Avalara product and when applicable-production or sandbox account) as (admin user) was the only admin and is no longer with the company.

Note: If you are the only admin user, but cannot access your account and are not receiving your password reset emails (your IT also cannot solve), and you want your own email address on your user profile changed, send us the request to change the email address using the email on your user profile and we can update your email address. Please make sure to check the Junk or Spam folder before following this process. If you are unable to access your email, please follow the process listed above, including executive authorization.