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How does Avalara Managed Tariff Code Classification work with Avalara AvaTax?


You want to know how Managed Tariff Code Classification works with AvaTax.


Avalara Item Classification


Managed Tariff Code Classification is a service that receives a list of items and descriptions from the customer via API or FTP and then returns Harmonized System (HS) codes mapped to each item on the list. HS Codes are globally accepted for items based on their detailed descriptions. The content affects transactions once the items have been mapped and included on an invoice with a tax engine that supports HS Codes. You can import your items with HS Codes into AvaTax after they have been mapped. Mapping occurs through "Item Master" within AvaTax, if you are using a classification service with storage. You can also map HS codes to Items in AvaTax by following the steps to Map the items you sell to Avalara tax codes.

Managed Tariff Code Classification and AvaTax interact through Item Master if your subscription includes storage.

Avalara's item classification service does not calculate tax or file returns.

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