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How do I get help with Avalara AvaTax and Wix?


You have questions about setting up an automated tax (AvaTax) account with Wix.


Avalara has partnered with Wix to provide automated sales tax calculation, integrated with Wix.

This feature is currently available to Wix customers in the United States who have Business and eCommerce plans. 

Set Avalara AvaTax account in Wix

  1. In the Wix dashboard, navigate to Store Tax Settings.
  2. At the top right corner, click Get Automated Tax.
  3. Follow the steps to create an AvaTax account.

Access your Avalara AvaTax dashboard for the first time

See: Accessing the Avalara Dashboard.

Select nexus

You can select nexus for multiple jurisdictions within Wix. However, for local jurisdictions or Canadian provinces, you will need to make these changes in Avalara AvaTax. 

For all other questions

Please see: Calculating Tax Rates with Avalara in Wix Stores





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