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How can I set up an extractor for multiple companies?


You're using an extractor and have multiple stores you want to connect to in Avalara, but you no longer see an option to connect your first store after you've connected it.





Get instructions for setting up Extractor for an additional company with the most updated version of Extractor.

  • Each extractor can be connected to a company in Avalara only once, so if you have multiple stores on that marketplace, you need to create a separate Avalara company for each store.
    • For example, if you have 3 stores on, and would like to extract sales from each one, you need to set up 3 companies in Avalara.
  • Once you set up another company, go to Settings > Integrations, select to add Extractor for another company below the other sync connections for the same marketplace, and then follow the prompts that display to finish setting up the sync, which includes the same steps used to set up Extractor for the first company.