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Can you tell me about the AvaTax upgrade on November 9, 2018?


You want information about the AvaTax upgrade on November 9, 2018.



AvaTax AvaTax



  • Why is the Avalara site down for maintenance?

The AvaTax service will be upgraded, improving performance and system reliability.


  • What is the date, time and duration of the maintenance?

During the two-hour maintenance window, the AvaTax Service is expected to be down for 3-5 minutes. 


See your time zone below: 

Friday, November 9 or Saturday, November 10 (depending on time zone)

  • 9pm - 11pm (US Pacific time)
  • 10pm - 12am (US Mountain time)
  • 11pm - 1am (US Central time) - Friday/Saturday
  • 12am - 2am (US Eastern time) - Saturday
  • 4am - 6am (GMT) - Saturday


  • What happens if my customer or I try to calculate tax during this time?

Depending on your integration and development the following could occur:

  • You or your customer may get an error message when trying to calculate
  • Your system may queue the invoice and retry after a certain amount of time (development completed by your team)
  • Your system may revert to a manual rate when it is unable to call AvaTax successfully (a fail-over process your company may have elected to implement)


  • What are my options to handle customers if my system tries to call out to AvaTax during the 3-5 minutes of the maintenance window?

Below are suggestions, but please note that this is a business decision made by your company.

  • No action - you are expecting low-to-no calls out to AvaTax during this time
  • Add a message (during the maintenance hours) to your site similar to:  We are upgrading our system at this time. Should you receive an error, please wait a few minutes and try placing your order again.  We apologize for any inconvenience.