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Add Avalara to your WA state DOR account


Effective September 14, 2021, the Washington state Department of Revenue (DOR) implemented multifactor authentication for all accounts.

As of September 14, 2021, all users are now required to authenticate their accounts via an e-mailed or texted authentication code each time they access their Washington state DOR account to file and/or pay sales tax returns electronically.

To facilitate this, follow instructions in the resolution section below for adding access for Avalara to your WA state DOR account.

If Avalara doesn’t have access we’ll need to file your Washington state tax return via paper, which may result in penalties levied by the state.

Please see the resolution section below for steps you need to take.


Log in with Administrator permissions to grant Account Manager access to your Washington Excise Tax Account

Use your login with Administrator permissions to grant Account Manager access to your Washington Excise Tax Account only (not your License account) before the end of September.

Avalara login details and instructions for adding this access are listed below:

  1. Log in to your WA DOR account ( with your Administrator account.
  2. Click Get Started, then click More Options.
  3. Click Add or Remove Other User’s Access.
    If you don't if you don’t have this option, you are using an Account Manager account and you need to log in with your Administrator account.
  4. To add Avalara as a third-party filer:
    1. Click Add User and, as noted above, add the SAW User ID (AvalaraWA20) and the email ( Then click Next.

    2.  Select Account Manager as the Customer Access Type, then click Next.

    3. Choose the Excise Tax Legal Entity Account. This is the account that lets Avalara file and pay your taxes. Note:  Do not choose the License Account.

    4. Click Next, click Submit, then click OK.

    5. Verify the account is listed under User IDs as Account Manager.

  5. Edit your scheduled Washington return in AvaTax to answer Yes to the question "Have you granted third-party access to Avalara’s bulk filing login, AvalaraWA20?"