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AWARENESS: Canon City, CO sales tax will be collected by the State of Colorado effective January 1, 2021


Beginning January 1, 2021, all sales tax for the City of Canon City, CO will be collected by the State of Colorado.  When you file your January’s sales tax return for the State of Colorado and submit it in February, you will need to include City of Canon City’s sales tax on the State of Colorado portal under the City of Canon City column on the return.  Please refer to the state’s website for further details:

All returns for periods prior to January 2021 should still be remitted and paid to the City of Canon City.

In addition, beginning January 2021, a City of Canon City sales tax license will no longer be required, but a valid State sales tax license must be maintained.  During 2021, the City of Canon City will be working on establishing a business license that will be required for businesses with a physical presence in Canon City, CO.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the jurisdiction by phone 719-2776-5252 or by email

For Avatax Returns customers:

There is no action required on your part.  If you are currently set up to file in City of Canon CO, Avalara will expire the Canon return on your behalf.  The tax calculated for Canon will automatically be reported on the state return, therefore there are no changes in collection required.