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ACTION NEEDED: Ensure Avalara has third-party filing access for your HI tax accounts


Effective July 1, 2020, the State of Hawaii will begin enforcing mandatory electronic tax return filing for all monthly General Excise (HI G-45) taxpayers whose annual liability exceeds $4,000. Hawaii has issued correspondence stating that they will impose a 2% penalty on the amount of tax if the return is not filed electronically.

The first periodic filing deadline with this requirement is Thursday, August 20, 2020.

If Avalara does not currently have third-party filing access for your HI tax account(s), you need to take action to ensure Avalara can successfully electronically file returns on your behalf. (See Resolution section below.)




  1. Verify your login credentials and update your filing calendar. You can view your filing calendar in AvaTax Update by selecting Returns > All scheduled returns. For more information, please see Edit your scheduled returns.
  2. Update your filing calendar with at least one of the three following pieces of information. These are used to initiate the addition of your account to Avalara’s Hawaii online account for great filing efficiency.
    1. Letter ID: Found at the top right-hand corner of any piece of correspondence sent to your account from the state of Hawaii. A License or Permit letter cannot be used.
    2. Payment: Please enter one of the last three payments posted to the account to the exact cent. License or permit fee payments made with a BB1 or a renewal cannot be used.
    3. Return: Please enter the Total Tax Due amount from one of your last three returns. A $0.00 return is not applicable.
  3. Please submit a case to us.
    1. Under Which product are you using? Choose Avalara Returns. 
    2. In the Description field, indicate that your filing calendar has been updated, or provide the information requested in Step 2 above.