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Why are there multiple failed API calls when I only updated one certificate?


You updated an exemption certificate and noticed that it was not updated in the admin console, so you reviewed the Failed API report and found several more failed calls than expected.


Avalara CertCapture


  • When you update a certificate that is part of a multi-jurisdiction certificate record, each individual record is updated in the Admin console, so there will be multiple API updates, also, if you are connected to both the production and development admin consoles, there will be a separate call for each account. Example:
    • A certificate has Georgia, Washington, and New York attached, and you are using both a development and production admin console, you update the exemption reason. There will be 6 API calls, even though there is only a change made on one certificate record.
      • Georgia development 
      • Washington development 
      • New York development 
      • Georgia production 
      • Washington production 
      • New York production