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Why are Custom Tax Rules not affecting the Chicago Lease Tax jurisdictions?


You would like to change the tax rate for a Chicago Lease Tax jurisdiction or you would like to calculate Chicago Lease Tax on a tax code that is not currently setup to calculate Chicago Lease tax. Your have entered tax rules, but the rules do not work


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  • With the update to the Admin Console in May 2017, the Rate Type for the Chicago Lease Tax jurisdictions was changed and is no longer the default General Type
    • Since the Admin Console UI does not allow you to view the Rate Type, you will need to use the import template found below to import tax rules for the Chicago Lease Tax Jurisdictions
      • Import template for Chicago Lease Tax
      • Please note, this spreadsheet is for a Rate Override and uses Column K- TaxCode of SW054002, the Column O-Value of 0.09, and the Column T- EffectiveDate of 01/01/2017. If you would like to use a different tax code, tax rate, and effective date, please change these fields before importing
  • How to import Tax Rules
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