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Look up the rates for an address


You would like to know how to do a rate look up or confirm the tax jurisdictions for an address.


Avalara AvaTax Update


Avalara uses the latest information available from states and territories to determine accurate tax rates. When you're uncertain about tax rates in a given jurisdiction, contact your state's Department of Revenue.

  1. Utilize the free Sales Tax Calculator and Rate Lookup Tool
  2. Create a test transaction in AvaTax using the address in the Tax Calculator 
  3. Look up state rates with your state's Department of Revenue
    • Below are all the links that we currently have that will help you determine the rate of a given jurisdiction or address.
    • This is NOT a comprehensive list. States change their sites frequently and some only offer rates for local jurisdictions. 

Note: Some state sites don't allow duplicate tabs. These sites will display "It appears you have duplicated a browser tab or window, or re-opened a closed tab. For security, this is not allowed. To continue working, close this window and return to the original, or click below to start over."

For help with setting up and scheduling your returns in AvaTax, see Returns Central.

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