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Can I use general delivery when an address will not validate?


You need to validate an address that won't validate.




  • AvaTax can only validate addresses in the US and Canada
  • Confirm the address is accurate using an internet search to verify if it's missing information:
    • Check for a directional (NW, SE, East) or a different type of street (Road, Boulevard, etc.) and the format
    • If a good address doesn't validate, most likely it hasn't been registered with USPS or Canada Post yet
  • Use General Delivery on Line 2 to validate using the Postal (ZIP) Code to complete address validation immediately, if needed (see Note)
    • The Zip Code must be in that State/Province for General Delivery to work.
  • If the address validates with USPS or Canada Post, you can ensure the address is added to our database as soon as possible by  with the following information:
    • Full street address (House number, street, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal code)
    • Image of location from online map (Google, Bing, MapQuest, etc.) showing the physical location pinpoint
    • Screenshot from USPS or Canada Post showing the address is valid
    • General Delivery will no longer be needed once the address is added to our system
  • We'll review the provided information and update our database if possible. If it's not possible to update our database, we'll provide specific next steps

Note: Ensuring the address is registered with USPS or Canada Post (as appropriate) will eliminate the need for including "General Delivery" in future. To use General Delivery:

  • Fill in the rest of the address as normal, including CityState, and Zip code
  • For systems with only one address line, list General Delivery at the end of Line 1 (after the street address)
  • The  CityState, and Zip code must be accurate or the address will still be rejected (error prevents saving)
  • We'll return tax for the postal (zip) codenot the specific street address, using the General Delivery area





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