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Why am I not getting results from a successful REST web service call to AvaTax?


I sent a REST request to  using a POST method and the request body {"DocDate":"2014-10-21","CustomerCode":"mycompany","Addresses":[{"AddressCode":"1","Line1":"100 Ravine Lane","PostalCode":"98010"}],"Lines":[{"LineNo":"1","DestinationCode":"1","OriginCode":"1","Qty":1,"Amount":100.0}]}  but I did not get any results. I recieved a status code of 200 (success) but no results. What am I doing wrong.




The problem occurred when Avalara disabled the credentials prompt from our web service. Previous to the upgrade, users were able to pass their rest requests via a browser and were prompted for their credentials - which would return the results.  

What is required to succeed with a request to Avalara's RESTful web service, which is a Secure HTTP communication channel (or HTTPS) you must add a security header in the form  "Basic[account number]:[license key]" encoded to Base64, as per basic access authentication.

For more information about this requirement, see:


The REST request was passed to the Avalara web service without the required security header.




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