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How do I get tax detail for line and summary via the SDK/API?


I would like to be able to run the GetTax service, and have the tax details returned for both: 
1. GetTaxResult.TaxSummary.TaxDetails.TaxDetail (array) 
2. GetTaxResult.TaxLines.TaxLine.TaxDetails.TaxDetail (array) 

I find that if I make a request with DetailLevel=Summary, I get #1 above, but #2 is empty (no surprise there), 
And if I request DetailLevel=Line or Tax, I get #2 above, but not #1 (I was hoping to get both) 

Is there a way to get the tax details for both summary and lines in a single request? 




You can only either return Summary OR Line level detail but not both. The suggested way to obtain both will be make two GetTax calls with one DetailLevel=Summary and the other to DetailLevel=Tax. You could just sum over the TaxLine.TaxDetail elements of the same TaxName to get the TaxSummary.





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