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Can you confirm the word "Tax" will always be at the end of the TaxName field in the ResultCode of a GetTax call?


We are trying to develop custom code that will only work if the end of the resultcode field TaxName has the word "Tax" 


Avalara Avatax


  • Given the nature of that I would say the answer is effectively no, there is no guarantee that your ResultCode will always have "Tax" in or at the end of the TaxName field.​



  • There are no known exceptions to this in the US specifically however we have no documentation showing that there will NEVER be a TaxName in the result code from a gettax call that ends in something other than "Tax"



  • When it comes to anything outside of the US there are exceptions: Examples below:

For EU: "TaxName": "Standard Rate"}
For VAT: "TaxName": "GR VAT"}
For Canada: "TaxName": "CA GST"}