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Why do transactions to Florida zip code 34249 produce no tax?


You entered a transaction where the destination address falls in Florida zip code 34249. You have noticed that no tax is calculated on your transaction and would like to know why


Avalara AvaTax


  • The Florida zip code 34249 is a special tax jurisdiction in Florida.
    • As such the FL Department of Revenue has designated the associated tax jurisdictions with a 0% tax rate
    • You may review and test the rates for this zip code and your addresses at the FL Department of Revenue site below
  • Please note, you may see the sales associated with this zip code listed as Taxable, even though there is no tax produced
    • This happens because the tax code you are using is normally taxable in Florida. However the tax jurisdictions have a 0% rate.
    • AvaTax sees this as a taxable transaction, just taxable at a 0% tax rate