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Why is a customer who's exempt in CertCapture still being charged tax?


You have a customer who is exempt in CertCapture but charged tax.




  • Go to CertCapture and look at the certificate to find the issue:
    • Go to the customer  > Taxability tab > click the State in question to see the certificate:
      • If it shows INVALID > go to Validation > review reason > Edit certificate as needed > remove INVALID reason on Validation tab (click Edit then save)
      • If it doesn't show INVALID > go to History > review API call initiated for certificate: Failure. > make changes
  • Failed API and Invalid status mean the certificate can't update in the Admin Console, your customer will be taxed until the issues are resolved.

Note: If a Multi-Jurisdictional certificate click on the first state in alphabetical order to view the API call.  

*Check date of invoice to ensure that it is within the validity date of the exemption certificate.

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