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Why do the sales on a return not match my liability worksheet or reports?


You have found that your sales, taxable sales and/or nontaxable sales that were filed on the return do not match the amounts listed on your liability worksheet.


Avalara Returns


  • Avalara makes sure to report and remit the amount of tax that our customers collect.
  • There are times where the sales amount does not calculate to the taxes collected.
    • This causes the sales, taxable sales and/or nontaxable sales to be adjusted.
  • This is caused by: 
    • Nexus tax type setup incorrectly
      • Not using in-state locations as the origin address on your transactions when nexus is set to sales tax
      • Calculating sales tax while the form is used to remit sellers/retailers/vendors use tax, or vice versa
    • Using tax overrides
      • Tax only transactions
      • Overriding the tax amount on the transaction 
    • Using custom tax rules
      • Rate overrides
      • Base overrides
    • Rounding
      • Calculation between transactions and total taxable sales on a return can differ slightly due to rounding.
        • Calculation on a transaction is defaulted to line level
        • Calculation on a return is generally done by total taxable sales
        • Rounding of a penny can occur every few transactions.
    • Check to make sure if any carry-over credits were applied or excluded.
    • If the period is locked, check the status date of the transactions.
      • Transactions posted to AvaTax after the worksheet has been approved or approved on behalf will not be included on the return.
  • When returns are filed, the priority is to make sure that the tax collected is what is remitted.
    • Since tax overrides adjust the tax amount that should have been collected but do not adjust sales, the sales must be calculated to tie to the taxes collected.
    • Collecting sales tax but not using an in-state location as the origin address will require Avalara to use the out of state section on the return (if applicable).
      • This causes tax to look over calculated, requiring the sales to be altered.
  • To avoid these discrepancies:
    •  It is suggested to do credit and re-bills to create the proper paper trail required for accurate reporting
    • Use in-state locations as the origin address on your transactions if you are meant to calculate and report sales tax
    • Adjust your nexus tax type to sales and sellers use tax if you are meant to calculate and report seller's/vendor's/retailer's use tax

Next Steps

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