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Why do I not see the CA Monthly Prepayment (form 1150) in my filing archive?


I do not see my monthly prepayment to California, form 1150, in my filing archive.


Avalara Returns


  • Since November 2014 Avalara now submits payment to California via an ACH payment. This allows Avalara to 'push' payment to California each month. More information here

  • Because of the change in payment, Avalara customers are longer required to file the form 1150 prepayment each month. Instead, submitting the ACH payment fulfills the requirement and replaces the need to file out a physical form.
  • Additionally, there is no copy of a return. 
  • To view the payment made to California each month, open the Filing Archive and select the appropriate month.
  • Then click where it says 'Click here to Download ACH payment trace IDs for the Selected Month.'
    • That will provide an spreadsheet with amount and ACH tracking information and can be provided to an auditor in case of audit