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Where can I obtain information on developing my own integration with Avalara?


You're developing an integration, using the AvaTax API, and would like to know where code samples, documentation on required fields, methods, best practices, error handling, etc. are available.


AvaTax - API


Note: For more information on how the service works (for example, how many lines you can include on an invoice, what happens when you use a particular override, or the minimum address information we recommend) search here in the Avalara Help Center

Internal Notes Section: 

  • When a customer requests assistance from support, direct them to the community site.
    • If they are asking how the service works (not particular coding questions) answer following process
  • If customer refuses to use the community site, (and they are a paying customer) escalate issue internally by transferring case to the a Tier 3 Agent
    • The Escalation team will review the issue and send on to Tier 3 if needed, send it back to you with the proper documentation linked, or handle until resolved.
  • Do not escalate requests for non-customers or users of the free trial.

The preferred method of assistance is through the community site, for the customer to post the question there.