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Is there a sample of the rate files?


You would like a sample of the rate files.


Avalara Rate files


  • A zip file containing all rate formats offered by Avalara is available here. 

    • The files contain no useful data and out-of date data. They're simply an example.

    • If the files are purchased, they're in the same format, just with real data. 

    • All states and provinces have the same format, just with different values. 

    • Rate files are available for all US states, Washington D.C., all Canadian provinces, Canada GST, and the US territories of Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and Virgin Islands.

      • States and Provinces without sales tax are also available in the files. The rates are zero.

    • A Sample Zip+4 file, with instructions on it's use, is also attached.

      • The purchased file will contain data for all states. 

  • Here is a guide on reading the various types which do not contain a header row. 

    • The same file is in the attached zip above.