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How do I remove a carry over credit that the state has paid to me directly?


You have Avalara file your tax returns and there was a credit which was not possible to include in your tax filings. You went to the state directly to get the money for the credit and you want to know how to remove the carry over credit from your account, as it has been paid to your directly by the state.


Avalara Returns


  • First, see if the carry over credit(s) was generated from a transaction in your Admin Console.
    • Reports > Liability Worksheet Reports > Liability Worksheet Carry-over Credits Report.
    • If the credit is from one or more transactions, please enter Sales Invoices or Return Invoices, dated for same period as the transaction that created the credit, with the same data, but in positive numbers, to cancel out the credits.
  • Forward the acknowledgement of payment from the state to indicating that the carryover credit needs to be removed because the credit has been paid and no longer needs to be held for application to a future return filed by Avalara
  • Include the state name, the specific credit in question and the amount.