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How do I change the size of my logo on the cover letter in Certcapture?


When I try to create a cover letter in Certcapture it appears too large. How do I reduce the size of the logo in the cover letter?


Avalara CertCapture


The logo was uploaded to CertCapture in a print resolution (300DPI or more), instead of screen resolution (72-100DPI).   This will cause the logo to appear very large in the template.  In order to reduce your logo to a more manageable size in the cover letter template:


  • Go into the cover letter and right click the logo image.
  • In the menu that appears locate "Image Properties and left click to select.
  • Click on the "lock" icon to preserve proper aspect ratio.
  • Change width to the desired value in pixels.  If aspect ratio is locked, then the height value will also autoadjust.
  • Click Save.