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How can I upload a PDF file with several certificates and automatically split it?


You want to upload a PDF file and have it move to the validation stage automatically, because you do not need to split the certificates individually.


Avalara CertCapture


  • Select Data Entry  > click Validate Documents > Click Upload Documents select Auto-Split "Yes" > in "New certificate every ___ pages" type the number of pages every certificate should be  > click Upload Stack
  • The service will automatically split the stack into multiple certificates, considering each one to be that many pages long


NoteYou can automatically split the stack only if every certificate is exactly the same number of pages long (1 page or 2 pages, etc.) and none of the pages needed to be adjusted in any way. For example: When you select Auto-Split at 2 pages (New certificate every 2 pages) you will generate a collection of 2 page long certificates. Every 2 pages will be a unique certificate. Page 1 and 2 are certificate 1, page 3 and 4 are certificate 2, etc.  If some certificates contain a different number of pages, or if some of the PDF images may need to be adjusted by changing contrast or flipping the image direction (i.e. flipping an image right-side-up) then we recommend manually reviewing the Stack to confirm where the pages should be separated and making adjustments individually.